ICAS/Juntos Adelante
2831 Polk St., Apt. 2
San Francisco, CA 94109

ICAS/Juntos Adelante is a project of the Institute for Central American Studies, a not for profit organization. The project promotes the just distribution of health, financial, intellectual, and artistic resources, abundant in the developed world, to women-owned and operated organizations and businesses in developing nations. The goal is to encourage self-sustainability of women-initiated organizations dedicated to health and human rights in their communities by sharing the wealth of services, products and resources. This would be accomplished through the following:

The current focus of the activities of ICAS/Juntos Adelante is as follows:

Collaborating organizations include Yale University School of Nursing; the Nature Conservancy; Ministry of Health, Nicaragua; Heart to Heart International; International Aid; Globus Relief; Remedy Inc.; and others.